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FemTAP: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Practice


Mission Statement

Our mission is to investigate the intersections of feminist theory and practice by providing space for emerging scholars, defined broadly to include academics and non-academics alike, and innovative ideas. The journal itself functions as an example of theory and practice for the Editorial Board both in the editing process itself and in the papers that we will preference.
Articles may be either feminist theory or feminist praxis (ie the combination of theory and practice). In either case, we are looking to publish work that deals with feminisms impact on real, lived, social change both within and outside of academe. FInally, we highlight essays with clearly stated methods and an intersectional analysis. 

Editorial Process

We are a graduate and doctorate refereed journal. We work in a non-hierarchical decision-making capacity with input from all editors and web designers. No member of the Editorial Board has more say than any other member and all members can expect to have their input heard and respected regardless of final decision-making outcomes.

Our goal is to provide as transparent a review process as possible. We will work closely with all scholars whose work fits within the themes of the journal to meet editorial and writer needs.

If you have any questions please contact Ime Kerlee. Questions will be discussed amongst the entire board prior to your receiving an answer.

Review Steps

The Review Process

1. Submit manuscript and receive acknowledgement of receipt.

2. Your essay will be reviewed by each member of the Editorial Board after the stated deadline on the CFP.

3. The board will meet and have an initial poll of votes according to a model of : "yes," "no," "revise and resubmit." The poll will include a brief statement by each editor in support of their vote.

4. If decisions are not unanimous during intial vote, the board will discuss essay in depth with the goal of reaching consensus.

5. If consensus cannot be reached, we will vote according to majority rule. Editors with minority votes will have final say as to whether the majority decision as written is acceptable to them. If it is not acceptable we will continue to discuss the manuscript until acceptability is reached.

6. You will be informed of the decision of the board.

Revise and Resubmit

We are committed to working with authors whose work fits within the framework of the e-journal and/or the theme of the edition in question. We will work in conversation with all authors for the best outcomes possible. We understand that the desire to maintain authortial voice may some times superseded the confines of the e-journal format. Any questions, concerns, etc. will be answered and discussion amongst all participants strongly encouraged.


Upon request, we will provide feedback in the following format: 1. vote: # yes, # no, # revise and resubmit, 2. overall comments of entire board reflecting our consensus/majority discussion, 3. itemized comments from each reviewer listed as reviewer 1, reviewer 2, etc.

Due to the labor and technological constraints involved in publishing an e-journal we can no longer accept submissions that are not in print ready quality for review.

Any rejected submissions will be destroyed using bleaching software.

If you have any questions please contact Editorial Board. Questions will be discussed amongst the entire board prior to your receiving an answer.

Notes, references, and parantheticals should follow Chicago Manual Style. References should be in parantheticals. Notes should be in endnote format preceding your Works Cited and should be minimal.

You must secure permissions for any copywritten material prior to submission. If you are in the process of securing permissions please contact us. Due to the time necessary to secure permissions we can no longer accept manuscripts in which permissions have not or are not in the processes of being received.

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